Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun things to do when you are bored - Ideas and fun stuff to do!

Are you bored? Here's a list with fun things to do, in order to get active and amuse your bored self

For some of the things listed here, you need absolutely nothing or just ordinary stuff every home has. Let us begin with the first 3 ideas! Read part 2 for the a couple of more ideas.

First Idea: Burn unpleasant memories

Few people know just how relieving it is to burn things down. I find it extremely enjoyable to burn old photos of people I no longer like and sweep the skeletons out of my closet. The best way to do is light up a candle and then set whatever you wish to burn on fire. Be creative!

Second Idea: Eat an ice cube

Just too many fat people are "boredom eaters". That is, they don't eat when depressed, they just eat because they've got nothing else to do. So, instead of attacking the fridge and regretting it later, you could eat one (or more) icecubes! They've got zero calories, they're tasty and they're going to make your cravings go away.

Third Idea: Write a letter

But, not just an ordinary letter. And off course, you won't be writing it with pen and ink - forget about it! You are going to cut off letters from magazines and newspapers and stick them all together to create sentences. That's off course going to take ages! Be creative! It could be an anonymous death threat to a celebrity you hate, a note to your parents that you've been kidnapped signed by a felon or something even more amusing!

Fourth Idea: Explore the TV world

I guess you have a couple of channels that you watch every day, but it might be a good idea to check out other channels if you are bored. I am talking about small, unpopular channels not many people watch here. You are bound to run into hilarious luck and chance games where nobody wins like "find-the-difference" or "find-the-proverb". These shows are set up off course, but if you don't believe me, dial the numbers of the games and find out yourself. Your boredom will disappear, since you'll be anxiously waiting to get on air (which is something not too likely to happen).

Fifth Idea: Get active

Haven't you always promised to yourself that you'd get more active and run for 20 minutes every day? What, you didn't have the time? Then, what the heck are you doing here now? Come on, chop chop! Do ten push ups, ten sit ups, run for 30 minutes... Come on, time to tone your muscles!